Electronics – Phenolic Resins for:

Epoxy Resins for Electrical Laminating Manufacturers
of sophisticated electronics rely on Bakelite to fill critical processing needs and supply vital properties in their components. Our extensive portfolio of specialty resins is used in the preparation of flame retardant printed circuit boards (PCBs), their prepregs, and copper clad laminates. We offer products optimized for a range of applications featuring:

  • 150 to 180°C glass transition temperatures
  • Dicyandiamide (DICY) or novolac curing
  • “Lead-Free” PCB processing
  • Low Halogen content UL V0 and
    V1 flammability ratings
  • Very high Tg laminating resins
    (for Chip-On-Board applications)
  • Resoles (for low end applications,
    such as radios, calculators and toys)